The Crooked Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time again. And around this time of year toy stores assault our TVs with commercials peddling their evil wares. But it seems as tho the toys they sell get more and more complicated every year.

And I’ve noticed that when a toy is too complicated my kids eventually lose interest and walk away.

There are some who believe that God is an overly complicated being with complicated instructions, only to be understood thru complicated thinking. And so they look else where for simpler solutions to their problems.

But the God Jesus talked about was not complicated at all. In fact Jesus seemed to think He was Best understood through simple things. Sheep and seeds and runaway sons

So if you, like me, are tired of an overly complicated God, before you walk away, unwrap the gift of a simpler God understood thru simple things.

My name is Damian Chandler and I see God in Simple Things.