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The Crooked Christmas Tree

There are gifts and then there at gifts.


Our family was flying to Canada to attend a wedding and we were all excited. We bought our tickets. We planned our trip. We packed our bags. And we even got to the airport on time

We walked up to the counter tickets in hand and gave them our passports.

Sir I see 5 of you and I only see 4 passports. Where is the passport for your son?

With all our planning what we had not planned for was a change in the rules 2 weeks before our trip. We now needed a passport for our 6 month old baby. And we needed it in less than 24 hrs. We needed a miracle.

I raced down to the passport office praying the whole way. Things didn’t look good. I wore my fear my face. By the time I got to the desk discouragement was obvious. The little Asian lady sitting behind the desk leaned forward stink look on face and said You need to reach up and grab it!! Huh?

You need to reach up and grab it!!!

Are you serious? God dispatched an angel dressed in a federal uniform to remind me that before I had a problem He had a promise. I will give my angels change over you to watch you and keep you in all your ways. And guess what? That all your ways includes passports for 6 month old babies as well.

Her words were fuel for my faith. I returned the next day and walked out with a passport for my son in less than 24 hrs. Now all I needed was for God to stop time cause my flight was in 45 mins and I was 15 minutes from the airport.

Come back tomorrow to see what He did.

My name is Damian Chandler and I am the author of The Crooked Christmas Tree