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Huntsville Revisited – Dr. William Hooper Councill

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William Hooper Councill: The Greatest Negro the Race Ever Produced. In only twenty-two years from slavery’s chains, William Hooper Councill would rise to become an editor of his own newspaper, an author, a religious leader, a famed orator, a politician, a lawyer, and a civil rights pioneer, standing his ground on the battlefield of prejudicial […]

A Standing Ovation – Gossip

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Today’s Excerpt “Gossip” James Doggette, Jr., is a pastor, author, counselor, and motivational speaker with a B.A. in Ministerial Theology and a Minor in Communications from Oakwood University. As a preacher, he has spread the gospel around the world. James is married to Demia Doggette with whom he founded James Doggette Ministries and Exhale Ministries. […]