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Celebrating 40 years

A Moment in Time – Latasha Houston

“The 7 Year Promise” It’s my faith journey of being prepared for what I was praying for and my testimony of the divine delay in between what God prophesied to me and what He performed. In me delaying my obedience to write the book, it was fear because I wasn’t ready to share a testimony that I didn’t have the end to. I wasn’t ready to talk about the process, allowing others a front row seat while I’m still “in it!” It’s one thing for me to tell you what I’ve gone through and encourage you to have faith but it’s another when I’m telling you what I’m currently going through while trying to encourage you—and myself— to have faith. So here I am less than a year later with a book about the process, as God asked, while I wait for God to perform the promise. Standing in faith!


Message of Praise

At WJOU we provide “life changing” praise and inspiration programming including music, spoken word and community information.

Praise 90.1 WJOU mission is to share the Christian experience through quality Christian radio broadcasting, to provide training for OU students, & to represent Oakwood University to the greater Huntsville communityand beyond.

WJOU Devotional – DeVon Franklin

with Kenny Anderson

2nd Chance Radio Show

Crypto-coach Dion Rambus sharing insight into Bitcoin on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show today
Shanna Smith Averette, Founder, j. Isaiah’s Community Collaboration Foundation, Inc discussing the organization’s mission on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show today.
Author Tim Duncan and Janae McDowell, Editor & Publicist Interim Director, TRIO Upward Bound Program and Adjunct English Instructor (AAMU) share information about Tim’s publication, “Through the Eyes of the Soul” on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show
with David Person

The Healthy Alabama Podcast

Oakwood University Alumni Corner