Passion & Partnership

Passion & Partnership





How to AVOID the 3 Massive Mistakes that  Guarantee a Painful and Costly Breakup 

Join Genie “The Relationship Genie” Goodwin for this FREE 1-Hour Workshop where you will learn: 

  • The One Word He MUST Hear Before He Will Show Up For Her 
  • The Biggest, most Common Error That CAUSES Her to Pull Away from Him 
  • Exactly What To Do In the Middle of an Argument to Get What you Really Want 

#1 Best Selling Amazon Author of “How to Win Her & Influence Him”, Relationship Expert and Executive and Leadership coach, Genie, will take you on a fun ride designed to help you transform your relationship so you can get the life you want at work or at home (and keep it year after year).  She creates powerful breakthroughs for her clients in hopeless or painful situations and has done so for over two decades. 


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