Morning Joy

Tune in to “Morning Joy with Dawna Baker,” a vibrant four-hour program airing Monday through Friday from 6 am till 10 am. Start your day on a positive note with inspiring stories, uplifting music, and encouraging words to fuel your life’s journey. Let Dawna Baker guide you through your wake-up devotion, setting the tone for your day with wisdom and perspective. Whether you need a boost of motivation or a dose of inspiration, “Morning Joy” is your go-to destination for a joyful and fulfilling morning routine

Morning Joy w/ Dawna Baker

Dawna Swinton Baker, the General Manager of WJOU and host of “Morning Joy” on Praise 90.1 FM WJOU, embodies a commitment to inspiring others through faith. Rooted in Psalm 19:14, her mission is clear: to let her words, thoughts, and actions reflect God’s will.

Dawna was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, where she attended Anna Knight Elementary School, Oakwood Academy Annex, Monrovia Middle School and J. O. Johnson High School. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina where she honed her skills in journalism, eventually rising through the ranks in broadcast media.

Her career path took her through various roles in radio, television, and nonprofit management, each step enriching her with invaluable experience. From her time as a television news reporter and radio station general manager to her tenure in nonprofit leadership at the following: Program Manager, Corporation for Public Radio: Director of Development, Philanthropic Service for Institutions at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist in Silver Spring, MD; Director of Development, Johns Hopkins University, School of Education, Baltimore, MD; Director of Development, The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History and Culture, Baltimore, MD; and, Director of Technology, Middle Tennessee Rural Reentry (MTRR), Franklin, TN.

Dawna’s passion for uplifting communities has remained steadfast. Even in academia, she imparted wisdom as a Journalism Professor, nurturing future storytellers at Washington Adventist University. Beyond her professional achievements lies her role as a devoted spouse and parent. Dawna finds strength and joy in her family, cherishing the blessings of marriage and parenthood. She resides with her husband, Kyle Baker in Madison, Alabama and is the proud mother of two adult children: India Callender (Joshua), Cecil Diggs, IV. And one grandchild, Ezra Callender.

Dawna continues to touch lives through her radio ministry and beyond and prays that others find hope and purpose in God’s goodness, mercy and grace.