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WJOU gladly accepts Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from state-registered, not for-profit corporations in standard format for on-air delivery.

Please follow the checklist below. Due to the number of submissions, PSAs submitted in a press release format can no longer be considered.

The most effective announcements are always straightforward: Event description, date, location and phone number for information. WJOU reserves the right to edit all copy. (Sorry, we do not accept pre-recorded PSAs.)

Type your PSA into our PSA Form. The PSA should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.

WJOU is delighted to partner with our community to help publicize local events, but air time is limited, and we cannot guarantee that all PSAs will be broadcast. The decision to air PSAs is at the discretion of the on-air host.

Follow the prescribed layout exactly and double-check every detail on the checklist below. PSAs that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for broadcast.

Complete Sentences – Write only in complete sentences.
Contact Information – A phone number or website is required. End your copy with: “the number (or website) for information is …” Or, “the number (or website) for tickets is … ”
Timing – Time the copy by reading aloud, slowly, to 20 seconds maximum.
Date – Provide a clear date and time of the event.
Prices – If the event is free, please mention this. If it is not free, do not list ticket prices. If the event is a benefit or involves donations, just describe the event — do not refer to donations, auctions, or benefits, etc.
Cultural Events – For arts events, always include program highlights (composers or works, for example). Our audience is well-read; attract them with your intriguing program, not with commercial language.
Non-Commercial Tone – Do not use call-to-action verb phrases (example: do not use the word “call..,” or phrases such as, “join us for …,” “come celebrate …,” “visit …,” or “you’re invited to …”). We appreciate your help maintaining our distinctive, non-commercial delivery, valued highly by our listeners.
Language – WJOU does not air PSAs with comparative language (“Huntsville’s finest … performs”), as there are many exceptional groups in similar fields in Huntsville.

The Smithsonian Brass Ensemble performs on Wednesday, November 12th at 8 p.m. in the Tucker Community Center. Highlights include works by Telemann, Bach and Praetorius. The concert is free and open to the public. More information at or by calling 770-939-0000

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