Controlling Cancer Conference

Controlling Cancer Conference


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Controlling Cancer Conference: Designed to educate the Huntsville community on evidence-based lifestyle approaches to dramatically reduce cancer recurrence, pain and, effective drug-less strategies to cause cancer cells to commit suicide! In addition, attendees will hear the journey of an amazing breast cancer conqueror share her story in a unique and inspiring way!

  1. I would like to have a copy of the program.Please let me know the cost. Thank you .

  2. I heard Mr. Eakins talk about alzheimers and the five drugs we all use and not aware of the harm they cause regarding alzheimers. I put in his website and not able to see the 3 pages he said he would download and the five drugs that cause dementia ect. I would appreciate letlting me know what I did wrong and can’t get this important information affecting my husband and possibly me. Thank you

  3. Would you send the handouts that you have on how to prevent altzhiemers and the herbs that are used.

  4. Hi
    I watched your program on Alzheimers disease, on 3abn and was really impressed by what I heard. Please could you me the information you promised.
    Thank you and Godbless

  5. I watched your program on 3ABN recently where you, Curtis spoke of Bacopa Moneiri and ashwagandha. I would like to have the information you sugessted we could get on this website. Love your program! Thank you very much.

  6. I just watched your presentation on altering Alzheimer’s. I looked for the 3page sheets you spoke about but couldn’t find son has been prescribed medicine for anxiety and we don’t want to continue it. We believe in alternative medicine so please help us. I looked up some things and it mentioned fava beans to help with the production of dopamine

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