TEDxHuntsville 2019

TEDxHuntsville 2019


Join TEDxHuntsville 2019 as we explore stories of chaos and beauty and  of old ideas flourishing in new environments. Explore Blended Beauty!

It is a truism that a building under construction is much more beautiful than when it is completed. The architect’s intentions are present—as is the beauty of raw materials—and space is still full of possibilities. – Aaron Betsky
Across Huntsville and North Alabama, we can see not only the vision, progress of the region’s economic growth and urban development, but also the friction and frustration. The combination of equipment, traffic, dirt, steel, bricks, and wood create a foundation for new possibilities. Similarly, within our own experiences, out of existential growth and personal development, new possibilities emerge, innovative forge, creative lines connect, and inspiring stories spin.
Join TEDxHuntsville as we explore the 2019 theme Blended Beauty featuring stories of chaos and beauty, and of old ideas flourishing in new environments. Witness moments of the unknown revealing a metamorphic process for the future.

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