The Literacy Factory Women’s Conference hosted by New Life Women’s ministries

The Literacy Factory Women’s Conference hosted by New Life Women’s ministries


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The Huntsville community and surrounding areas are invited to attend The Literacy Factory Women’s Conference on Saturday Feb 9, 2019 4-6 pm at New Life SDA church at 3912 Pulaski Pike in Huntsville AL. hosted by New Life SDA Women’s Ministries Department . This free conference is for girls, women, grandmothers and men who would like to discover the difference between flags vs red flags in relationships and for survivors of domestic violence. Join us with: Dawna Baker from Morning Joy from WJOU radio. This is a free conference with free child care and free giveaways for the Huntsville community On Saturday Feb 9, 2019 4-6 pm at 3912 Pulaski Pike in Huntsville AL.

The key note speaker and author Kitty Bey is back by popular demand to share her newest book of Flags vs Red Flags Knowing the Difference. She is also the author and story owner of “Crossover” adapted in part by the ESPN E60 story “Scarred” produced and directed by ESPN executive Producer, Martin Khodabakhshian. Kitty is also the creator of the action packed, domestic violence driven YouTube series,” KittyCiti. Her books are included in the creative writing & feminist theory curriculum at City College of New York, CCNY. She is currently partnering internationally to create a home space for abused women in India. Kitty is an international (Argentina, Dominican Republic and India) advocate for domestic violence who brings awareness to this often hidden and silent crime–hidden in that many are unaware of the red flags unlearned and unnoticed.
Workshop topics include: girls and dating red flags, trauma in the church, emotional intelligence, single parenthood the adventure, breast cancer put on your gloves and fight, building confidence in God, financial budgeting and saving strategies, how to live your eternal best life: self-preservation, one prayer a day, conquering dyslexia, autism, and ADD.

Brief Description: The Literacy Factory provides highly effective hands on collaborative experiences to awaken, educate, and ignite individuals to make an eternal difference “right in the corner where you are.”
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