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A Moment in Time – Marcus Hayes

Clarise Nixon and Paul D. Nixon are siblings who together form CP Nix. The mission of CP Nix is to engage with thought leaders who are spiritually curious and who love to learn. They strive to make complex ideas more simple through inspiration, transformation, and innovation.

Paul and Clarise have published articles and books, worked on podcasts, and produced a YouTube channel on a variety of topics including: forming an authentication relationship with God; Emotional Intelligence; Cultural Intelligence; Critical Thinking; racial reconciliation; and academic success on all levels.

Their book series includes God is a Person: Discovering God For Yourself, an education edition for use in the classroom, and a new workbook designed to help people take practical steps to develop and maintain their relationship with God. All of their materials as well as their booking information can be found on their website,

Message of Praise

The mission of WJOU is to transform lives through Christian music, spoken word and community engagement. Praise 90.1 FM – WJOU’s mission includes sharing the Christian experience through radio broadcasting and digital media, to provide training for students, and to represent Oakwood University to the community.

WJOU Devotional by MyRon Edmonds


with Kenny Anderson

2nd Chance Radio Show

Crypto-coach Dion Rambus sharing insight into Bitcoin on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show today
Shanna Smith Averette, Founder, j. Isaiah’s Community Collaboration Foundation, Inc discussing the organization’s mission on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show today.
Author Tim Duncan and Janae McDowell, Editor & Publicist Interim Director, TRIO Upward Bound Program and Adjunct English Instructor (AAMU) share information about Tim’s publication, “Through the Eyes of the Soul” on the ‘2nd Chance’ radio show
with David Person

The Healthy Alabama Podcast

Oakwood University Alumni Corner